What Are Progressive Slots?

What Are Progressive Slots?


You may have already heard of Progressive slots. Progressive machines, also known as multi-coin slot machines, are particularly popular and lucrative, but what are they? Let’s find out! Below, we’ll go over the differences between the three types of slots and help you choose the best machine for your needs. This article also includes a look at Video slots, Classic slot machines, and Multi-coin/multi-line machines. These types of slots are similar to each other, but the main differences are also highlighted.

Video slots

While traditional slot machines use levers to spin the reels, video slots use a button called the paytable. This table displays information on the symbols, payouts, and bonus events in a slot game. To play video slots, players must first understand the rules and how they work before playing. Once they understand how they work, they can begin selecting their bet amount and paylines. Next, they must press the “spin” button to activate the reels and begin spinning!

Classic slot machines

There are several differences between classic slot machines and their more modern counterparts. Classic slots typically have three reels and a fixed jackpot. Players typically use one to three coins to play on each spin, but some machines allow players to put up to nine coins in play. Regardless of the number of coins a player plays, a jackpot can only be won if a combination of the symbols appears on the payline. Classic slot machines also differ in the number of paylines available.

Multi-coin/multi-line machines

Multi-coin/multi-line slot machine games are similar to single-coin machines, but feature multiple betting lines, usually from left to right. They also have many different themes, such as mythology or licensed movies. In addition, these games offer the player multiple ways to win, from as few as one line to as many as fifty. And if you’re looking for the highest payout percentage, multi-coin/multi-line slot games are definitely the way to go.

Progressive machines

When you play progressive slot machines, you’re hoping to win the jackpot. There are two main types of progressives: wide-area and stand-alone. Wide-area progressives aim to build the largest jackpot possible, and stand-alone progressives build their jackpot by building the jackpot from the play of one single slot machine. These progressives can reach thousands of dollars, though they rarely hit those limits. In addition, they don’t pay out frequently, which means that they’re not the best option for players.


When playing a Buy-A-Pays slot, you may choose to use additional coins to purchase additional winning combinations. In this game, the paytable lists all possible winning combinations by coin. You can also choose to play a full coin to eliminate potential frustration. The payback can be low, depending on the casino, but a full coin eliminates frustration. There are some disadvantages to Buy-A-Pays, which we will discuss briefly below.